A wonderful wine estate, which is in the buildings of the vast space, beautiful plant and the staff hurried every wish.

The foundations of the winery enter the 1892 Swallow farm, which now houses the Takler family lives. Is directly next to the farmhouse was built in 1927 Sarkozi - this in itself is nowadays one of the jewels of Szekszárd quoted as Takler Mansion. Here awaits you in the restaurant and the spa hotel, and is well known by many impressive visuals cellar.

The mansion's interior was designed by Hoffer Ottó, including the ability to accommodate 400 barrels also látványpincét and Winetemple. he painted his fresco Szent György can be seen Winetemple.

Located 8 km from the town of Szekszárd and Takler Mansion Bed and Breakfast offers a private wine cellar, air-conditioned, vintage-style romantic rooms (Standard, Superior and Deluxe).

The rooms are furnished in gyűjtögetett years old headboard was the tone that we renewed to admire them for a long time. Each room is named after an emblematic borunkról, and based on the well-known labels in the colors reflected everywhere individual basis.

The wellness center has recently passed every little item also fits the mood of the existing buildings.

The Mansion's restaurant philosophy is to preserve traditions and sometimes a kind of rethinking the past outstanding culinary values. Seasonal changing nature of Hungarian food selection is based foundations, túlgondolt not, however, sufficiently creative and homemade.