Modern steam bathing
The average humidity in the steam cabin is around 80-100%. The temperature is lower than in a sauna, only 40 degrees. The steam cabin is more efficient for the skin and lungs due to the presence of excess steam. You may want to try it if you have allergies or breathing difficulty. Sweating also starts at this fairly low temperature, so it can also help with detoxification. It is worth noting that sweating does not provide relief due to the humidity in the steam cabin, as in other environments it does not really cool the skin. This can make you feel more uncomfortable than in an otherwise much warmer sauna.
The use of a steam cabin is recommended to treat the following:
- asthma
- rheumatism
- hoarseness
- muscle aches
- certain circulatory disorders.
Please consider your individual health status in all cases and seek advice or assistance from our wellness professionals.

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