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Mansion by diverse restaurants, wine tasting from space can provide plenty of events to weddings.


· Wine tasting

· Family and corporate events

· Weddings

· Conferences and team building


especially suitable for the Takler Mansion's restaurant and atrium courtyard, sophisticated design and large spaces for weddings and wedding receptions to hold up to 110-130 people as well. Our cuisine beyond the classic wedding on food, can satisfy individual requirements by prior arrangement.

Conferences and team building:

Corporate meetings, smaller and larger conferences, team-building training programs the following premises consist of our guests' disposal.

Meeting: large room built in a projector, a projection screen and giant speaker, and which is possible to chair 70 in series with the main U-shaped arrangement main 50, a serial arrangement table 54 people.

"Böllértanya" separately located in the adjacent building, pointing romance of rural restaurant provides the ideal setting for groups up to 35 people who want to completely separate from their discussions, they organized events, be it a family or even business-related. magnetic writing board and standard-sized projection screen can be found in this restaurant, but we ask our guests that if you have pre-notify us use their claim projector.

We hygenic food and drink, as well as ongoing meal service available in each restaurant, but offers tailor-made all the time, so please be taken if requested to contact the hotel with conductor e-mail address

Wine tasting:

Group, led borkóstolóinkat we can take the following optional wine a minimum of 8 rows of the main application, we provide food group can offer in the restaurant upon request.

BASIC Børsøren | 2,400 / person

- Flirt White 2016th
- Pinot Noir Rosé 2016th
- Gamay 2015th
- Trio Cuvée 2015
- Merlot 2015th

MEDIUM Børsøren | 3,700 / person

- Pinot Noir Rosé 2016
- Kadarka 2015
- Syrah 2015
- Cabernet Franc 2015
- Rubato Cuvée 2015 - The Wine Festival cziffra
- Bull's Blood Reserve in 2013

PREMIUM Børsøren | 5,400 / person

- Pinot Noir Rosé 2016
- Merlot 2015
- Syrah 2015
- Rubato Cuvée 2015 | The Wine Festival cziffra
- Bull's Blood Reserve in 2013
- Regnum Cuvée 2011
- Cabernet Franc Reserve 2009

The tasting tasting amount (4-6 oz) per type of wine, mineral water, 0.7 l of saline as a locally made bar also includes savory snacks.
The program consists of professional presentation of selected wines expert interpretation of our colleagues even in English. If required, we provide the processing, bottling, and the sight of the Gothic cellar and Winetemple visit.

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